15 Ways to Connect to Customers

Creating a Strong Business-Consumer Bond


Different businessmen employ different ways to stay connected with their customers, but which of these have been proved to be the most effective? Today, with the ever changing technology and expansion of business activities characterized by stiff competition, customer relationship experts have devised a number of ways to connect with potential customers while simultaneously retaining the existing ones. There is email, mobile, social media, focus groups, meetings… the list is long but the following methods have been recommended by business experts.

  1. Research Your Customers

Conducting survey enables the business to identify and evaluate the needs of the customers directly rather than relying on “rumors” and imaginations obtained from second-hand sources. The business organization can then steer its effort towards filling the existing gaps.

  1. Use Of Newsletters

Sending out newsletters, say ten times a year will definitely keep your customers updated on new products and some vital changes that may have been implemented over time. Their feedback can also be used by the business management to make some decisions to reflect the consumer needs. Integrating these newsletters to a social media functionality provides real time communication between the two parties.


  1. Blog

Blogging is one of the widely used ways to connect and attract attention of several consumers worldwide. This is because an actively kept quality block attracts responses from consumers therefore enabling the business relationship experts to judge the reactions and act accordingly to enhance smooth flow of communication while building consumer loyalty.

  1. Answer Calls

Answering consumer calls, whether concerning complains, compliments or greetings has been proved to strengthen consumer relationship. This is due to the fact that we are in a world where one way communication provides instant feedback.

  1. Visit Them

Approaching consumers individually during marketing and listening to their concerns and expectations is critical in planning to conquer new markets.

  1. Respond To Emails

Replying consumer emails within 24 hours not only shows the concern of the business to consumer issues but also helps maintain a positive picture in the eyes of the customers.

  1. Send a Postcard

This also maintains consumer loyalty since they (customers) will be feeling and appreciating that the business is thinking of them and valuing their efforts. This leads to more sales and most customers may refer others into the “mix”

  1. Engage Them On Facebook And Twitter

Connecting customers through these social media enables the business to reach several consumers at any time. Research has actually revealed that 70% of human beings open their social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) 5 times more than their emails.

  1. Use Instagram

Post information in form of pictures severally to attract new customers. Similarly, comment on customer posts whenever they tag you.

  1. Offer Webinars

Deliver seminars over the internet so as to reach several customers irrespective of their location. This is a great way of keeping the spice in business-customer relationship.

  1. Empower Your Sales Personnel

The reason here is that these salespeople can either break or make the retail experience.

Other ways of connecting with consumers is providing an exceptional customer service, going mobile, monitoring review sites and aggressive promotions such as rewarding active customers.

Food for though

The effectiveness of these methods is largely, if not solely dependent on the type of business you are operating, and where or who your customers are. So can you add more methods?

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