How Marketers Can Thrive in the Digital Age

Marketing in the Internet Age

Technology has given marketers many more opportunities to thrive and to get a step ahead of the competition. Modern marketing methods are very different to how they used to be before the digital age.

Before the Internet and associated technology, marketers could never reach so many potential customers at a relatively low cost and were unable to keep in contact with so many people who have shown an interest in a certain type of product or service.


Benefits of Internet Marketing

Marketers thrive on communication and in the digital age there are multiple platforms available for communicating in words, pictures, video and audio content.

Email Marketing

Top marketers build email lists by attracting subscribers who opt in to receive regular updates or newsletters by email. Some marketers offer an incentive for subscribing, such as a free report, software or an eBook.

Once they are on an email list, through choice, subscribers can be kept up to date with new product launches, special offers, the latest industry news, product reviews and other informative content.

Content Marketing

Marketers use websites and blogs to post articles, reviews, industry related news and advice that people will be looking for online, specifically about problems which a product or services provided by the company can resolve.

Informative content can be posted on various platforms in a number of formats:

  •  Images of actual products or illustrating a business concept
  •  Infographics providing statistics or industry data
  •  Online courses guiding consumers in the use of a product
  •  Podcasts with interviews or commentary from industry leaders
  •  Slide shows providing examples or illustrations
  •  Text in the form of articles, reviews, guidelines, lists of resources
  •  Videos showing how a product works
  •  Webinars discussing problems and solutions

Any of these can be found and accessed by people who are in search of specific information online. When they have found what they need, in any form of content, most people will be ready to make a purchase and can easily be directed to a sales page.


Social Media Marketing

Social networking has grown rapidly in the Internet age as a favorite form of instant communication. Marketers use social media to build brand loyalty and to attract the right sort of followers who will become customers in future.

Different social media users will be viewing images or videos, reading blog posts and articles and sharing or liking content. Marketers take advantage of this by posting content that is useful, entertaining or informative that is useful, entertaining or informative.

Marketers in the digital age can monitor social media trends and take advantage of them. They can also set up systems to report all messages in social media that mention a particular brand or type of product.

SMS Text Alerts

Marketers can encourage people to sign up for SMS text alerts. These can be used to notify customers of availability, to announce new product launches or to alert people when it is time for them to renew a contract or annual subscription.

Thriving in the Internet Age

Marketers in the Internet age can benefit by sending out newsletters or updates by email, posting content that will be found by people looking for a solution and connecting directly with the public through social media.

Many marketers thrive by making good use of technology for engaging and communicating with the right audience for what their business is selling.

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